Project management & business coaching services for entrepreneurs

Organization and management, plus weekly phone calls to keep you clear, on track, and motivated.



Organization is a huge part of finishing a project! Without it, things get lost through the cracks or you end up with just plain messy work. With project management and coaching, I help keep you organized. I do this largely through tech and automation tools—things like Trello, Airtable, and Zapier. With my help and computers’ help, you’ll  just have to be concerned about the task in front you though you will be in charge of the larger vision.


Having no boss, no one to tell you what to spend your time on what to do…. depending on your personality, this may sound like a dream of freedom and flexibility or a nightmare of procrastination and lack of direction. Let’s face it, sometimes someone waiting upon your work is useful. With coaching, we establish a fair workload for your lifestyle then I hold you to it by asking for to-do’s and deliverables.

Tech help

You may come from a non-technical background but you heard the web can do wonders for your sense of fulfillment and wallet. I’m here to be your tech sherpa, letting you know about all the neatest ways and tools to do what you need to get done, including with your own website.

My approach

# 1

The right tools make it possible

I use a range of tech and automation tools to support you and make your creative process as easy as possible. I also manage these tools for you!

# 2

Sometimes you just need a little push

I’m not gonna get all “boss-y” when holding you accountable. I will just be the person supervising you who helps you get stuff done.

# 3

You should feel empowered

If you’re coming from Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, you might be familiar with how seemingly difficult it is just to get a website the way you want it. Not here.


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