Managed website services

Web design & development for a WordPress site with the standards anyone needs, like SEO and a contact form.


WordPress design & development

WordPress is your best bet if you want a website that is not only beautiful, functional, fast-loading, SEO-optimized, but also scalable. That means the site can grow with you, unlike most DIY websites, which are restrictive after some time. Although I use a custom base theme called Get It to build your website at first, rest assured if you ever need advanced functionality (such as user portals or booking appointments) WordPress will scale almost effortlessly.

Content strategy

Content strategy is a focus on how content is created and delivered, and in what context. The most obvious element that needs content strategy is usually your navigation menu and sitemap (outline of your site’s pages and subpages). Content is words, as well as images and multimedia. Well-structured, well-timed content will can do wonders for sales.


One criticism about WordPress is that it needs more maintenance than DIY websites. That’s because you have to handle the security updates and such on your own instead of it being done in the background. But don’t worry! I provide monthly maintenance for websites that includes security updates, and content updates if needed.

My approach

# 1

Web design can be standardized

The majority of websites consist of the same 9/10 components—headings, buttons, images, cards, etc. I’ve created a custom standard WordPress template (called Get It) for my clients that includes all these plus I build and customize the website to fit your brand. This website is built on Get It!

# 2

Your site should grow with you

It’s an awful feeling when your website—which is supposed to help you grow—is holding you back. Whether that’s through lack of functionality or difficulty in updating, you won’t have to worry about that with me! I build on WordPress so pretty much any functionality you can imagine is possible. I make it simple to update content as well.

# 3

You should feel empowered

If you’re coming from Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, you might be familiar with how seemingly difficult it is just to get a website the way you want it. Not here. Your website will be able to do anything you need it to too—from ecommerce to communities.


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