Copywriting services

Crystal clear and soulful communication for your website, social media, and key marketing materials.


Website copy

“Copy” for your website essentially means writing intended to sell. It tells your potential customers how to navigate through your site, tells them what they need to know, and appropriately asks for the sale when it’s time. Website copy is your home page, about page, product page, etc.

Social media posts

Writing social media posts is a job unto itself—with this service, I take that off your plate, create a month’s worth of posts in advance, and write captions/tweets/posts that resonate with your audience plus encourage community and action. A month’s worth of posts can vary from social network to social network. For example, 3 posts on Twitter a day is normal while on Instagram it’s considered rude.


Your business’ “elevator” speech needs some special attention too. You’ll likely be presenting your value proposition to potential customers and perhaps even people who can help you in some way (think networking events). You need to make an impression that fascinates.

My approach

# 1

People come to you for YOUR voice

Do customers love your design? Maybe so. But they stay with you because of your voice.

# 2

Your words should inspire

Worse than saying nothing at all is saying something that feels like nothing at all!

# 3

Focus on your target audience

Hone in on your ideal customer and speak as if they’re the only ones in the room.


Let’s bring your voice to life

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