Reasonable rates and amazing outcomes.

Affordable services

For the stage you’re on right now, you may not want to make it rain just yet, but you know you need help. I use tried & true methodologies and efficient design processes to keep the cost of deliverables low for you. However, quality and your target audience are always kept top of mind—never sacrificed.

The numbers

Please keep in mind these numbers, though widely inclusive, are generalized—your project may cost more or less.
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Brand design

An expressive logo with a design system that includes typography, colors, and more as well as a guide on how to use your new brand.

$ 1,200

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Crystal clear and soulful communication for your website, social media, and key marketing materials. Covers the first round of writing.

 $ 500

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A managed WordPress site with the standard stuff like SEO and a contact form with 3 custom features. (Can include ecommerce.)

$ 1,200 once
$ 50 /mo

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Project organization and management, plus weekly phone calls to keep you clear, on track, and motivated. Covers a month at a time.

$ 500

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If this seems like a lot, consider the following.

You don’t have to do it all at once

You can grow your business out in stages—maybe just start with copywriting or even project management, if you need help creating content or otherwise for your new business.

Mini-services are available

“Branding” doesn’t have to be the whole kit and kaboodle to be effective. You can see mini-services (like just logo design) under the Services page. Contact me for a custom quote.

You just want to get a good start

A good first chord—there’s nothing like it.

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