Find your brand’s voice with this fun exercise

September 4, 2018

Your brand’s voice embodies and expresses its personality and set of values; it’s an expression of the people behind the brand; it’s an essential step in the process of a company becoming an established brand. But more than words and phrases, your brand’s voice is the tone in which you speak to, and connect with your audience.

For many of us, finding our brand’s voice can be difficult. While it can be witty, fun or authoritative, it needs to be one very important thing: authentic. Your audience can tell if your voice isn’t genuine, and they will be unlikely to engage or buy your products if they can’t connect to your brand on an emotional level.

What about a quick exercise to help you find your brand’s voice? I’ve outlined below the steps you can go through to identify your set of values, personality, and what sets you apart from the sea of companies out there.

Before we delve into the exercise itself, you will need to download this list of adjectives to be used for steps 1 and 2.

To better reflect how you should be doing this brand exercise, I will choose a random brand name – say, Apple – and go through the exact steps in parallel with the directions.

Step 1: Take each adjective and cross out those that are completely irrelevant for your brand.

At this point, I will be crossing out every single adjective that doesn’t describe the individuality and personality of Apple.

Step 2: Group the remaining adjectives by theme, but make sure you don’t have more than 4 groups.

After having crossed out irrelevant adjectives, the themes for remaining adjectives would be Appealing, Futuristic, Functional and Trustworthy. See the table below for the groupings.

Appealing Futuristic Functional Trustworthy
Appealing Contemporary Capable Reliable
Cool Cutting edge Clever Trustworthy
Daring Excellent Convenient
Elegant Futuristic Efficient
Impressive Innovative Functional
Stunning Inspiring Professional
Stylish Modern Smart
Unconventional One-of-a-kind
Unique Revolutionary

Step 3: Select one adjective that best reflects your brand from each group.

If you find this too difficult, try thinking about the objectives of your company. What is your mission? What do you want your customers to remember you for?

Knowing the exceptional quality, modernism and visual appeal of each Apple product, the selection certainly isn’t easy. I will choose Stunning, One-of-a-kind, Smart and Reliable.

Step 4: Take the four adjectives and write a short brand description.

Use one word for the title and the remaining three words for a short blurb. While aiming for perfect copy is good, it’s not mandatory. You can come back and adjust the blurb any time, but for now you need it in order to find the tone of voice your brand needs to stand out.


Apple isn’t only the leader of the smartphone industry – it’s also an icon for reliable software and hardware that doesn’t wear out. Whenever you choose Apple, you can rest assured knowing you have chosen the most stunning and powerful devices of this generation.

Step 5: Go ahead and gather 9-10 images based on the words you selected at the third step, and then create a moodboard keeping the blurb in mind. offers an easy way to find the images you need in a couple of seconds, and create a great moodboard using them.

After gathering 9 images, the moodboard for Apple is done – and here’s how it turned out.

Step 6: For an interesting perspective on your brand, try going through these steps several times and creating more than just one moodboard.

This is good for having more dimensions to the conversation about your brand. It also helps you identify the tone of voice to stick with when delivering brand messages.