People hire me to design brands that stand out


Sogro is a marketing service owned by Aaron. Aaron’s website was dragging him down, so we partnered on a redesign. He felt so confident with the new branding that he raised his prices by 33% and still saw a 150% conversion rate increase.

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Kawaii Tarot

Kawaii Tarot is a self-initiated project that involved a few components including illustration, web design, and iOS/Android app development. The app has over 30,000 downloads with over 10% of those being active daily users.

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BeautyMagick is a makeup line that spreads the word about spirtuality and inner beauty. Working with the founder, I created a brand identity that captured their “cute, but goth” personality.

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Miix is a brand new marketing agency. They were in need of a brand identity design that communicated their unique angle: Miix allows their clients to create their own custom “mix” of marketing services month-to-month.

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