Sogro brand identity

Sogro is a marketing service owned by Aaron. Aaron’s website was dragging him down, so we partnered on a redesign. He felt so confident with the new branding that he raised his prices by 33% and still saw a 150% conversion rate increase.

Increased profits

Sogro is a marketing service run by Aaron Irmas of Santa Monica, California. Sogro helps companies get more followers and fans by connecting people through hashtags.

Sogro was beginning to feel held back by its brand design. They wanted to redesign to have the brand feel friendly, simple and professional. Because of the goal to look more professional, the way I approached this challenge was to first focus on the organization’s look and feel. To do this, we iterated through 3 potential personality directions for the brand. After deciding on a personality, we moved onto creating content that inspired confidence funneled people to the sales page.

Before launching the redesign, Aaron decided to raise his price 33% based on how confident he was in the new brand. Remarkably, shortly after launch, Sogro’s conversion rate also raised from 4% to 10%, resulting in higher MRR for the company.

Sogro website
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