I’m a freelance web and brand designer & developer with a love for side projects. Sunday Grind is where I help people with talent and passion, like you, take important steps towards having their own business.


Sunday Grind is a design and copywriting studio for side hustlers like you. You’re an ambitious person, maybe have a full-time job that you dread, who is sure they have value to offer the world. The only thing is you see that the successful companies in your niche have a couple things in common: great design and communication. You hate the idea of your message getting lost, so you’re seeking a designer to create you an impressive a visual brand identity. Luckily for you, this designer can help with the communication part too—including your website. And did you say you needed someone to keep you accountable to your goals?


The vision is clear—help entrepreneurs develop additional streams of revenue. When you launch and grow your side business, you’ll be so glad to no longer be dependent on an full-time, at-will employer that quite frankly doesn’t care about your life. You’ll be connected to new people and opportunities. With an honest visual brand, one that electrifies you, you’ll be able to serve more people!

Most importantly, the vision behind Sunday Grind is based on baby steps. I offer affordable services—including whole websites for ¼ of what you’d pay another web designer—so that you can create stepping stones towards your dream life without sinking too much money or time.

About Me

Hi! My name is Diana.

I’m a digital product designer and developer based in California. I really, really ❤ design, code, and business—no joke. When I’m not working on client projects, I’m probably working anyway on personal projects like Kawaii Tarot and Orbit.

Side projects

Every side project I have done has resulted in either new doors opening up, or me learning something valuable about what I want for myself in the future. Here are my highlights:

  • Taught myself web design and development which is now my business (whoa)
  • Created a viral social justice meme.
  • Featured in Bitch Magazine.
  • Interviewed by Colorlines.
  • Started a popup business sewing hats.
  • Sold WordPress themes.
  • Always freelanced, even when I had full-time jobs.
  • Created Kawaii Tarot, a deck of cards.
  • Built an iOS and Android Kawaii Tarot app.
  • Launched Orbit, a time tracker.

Why I started Sunday Grind

In my experience with launching that side projects that not only pay the bills but get press (!) I find that the branding and copywriting is what gets people to initially fall in love with your product or service. I believe investing in branding and copywriting early is the way to stand out among competitors as well.


# 1

Hard work always pays off

The extra 10, 20, or 60 minutes we spend on almost anything will be rewarded. (I say “almost” because work smart, not just hard.)

# 2

If you don’t tell ’em, they won’t know

People get a million messages a day. You need to cut through of all that by being a refreshingly honest and transparent brand.

# 3

Empathy is the key for meaning

At the end of the day, your brand isn’t about you—it’s about your customers. That’s why I do research on your target audience when developing your brand.


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