Design & strategy for entrepreneurs.

Modern approach focused on agility & conversion for those who sell products or services online.


I’ve designed a wide range of websites, apps, and brands.

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Being different makes you valuable.

Win by learning faster than everyone else.

If it’s been done, we can do it better.

Focus on what’s worth the effort.

Only make decisions you’re excited about.

Marketing is just as important as design.

Good products are almost their own marketing.

Emotion-first design.

Be worth talking about.

You can tweak the game. You can change the rules.


Keeps the needs of entrepreneurs & startups in mind. Further tailored for your business.

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Hi, my name is Diana Lopez, and Sunday Grind is my studio alias. I'm a freelance digital product designer & developer with 8 years of experience. I get inspired by helping small, innovative companies stand out loud in a meaningful way.

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Happy Clients.

  • “I really enjoyed working with you. Your design skills are amazing and I'm very pleased with the results. The initial set of changes are on the site and we've seen a great response in terms of metrics.”

    “I would definitely recommend Diana to anyone who wants outstanding websites and I can't wait to team up with her again in the future. Thanks for making my website dream come true Diana, you're the best!”

  • “The site overall has been amazing—my monthly recurring revenue has gone up significantly since we started due to the conversion rate and price increase.”

    “Creative. Fast. Committed. She felt like a true member of our team. Can’t wait to work with Diana on our next project.”

The grind includes Sunday.